Are you what you are eating?

Hello everyone.

Hope you are enjoying your day. I picked this question “Are you what you are eating?” in my post today. This is not a random question for me. A couple of years ago when I was struggling to keep my health and feel good I was asking this question to myself. Because I was eating very healthy food and still didn’t feel great.

My stress level was very high and I was always in rush. I had always big to do list and was overwhelmed.  At that time, I was on a gluten and refined sugar free diet which  was great, I didn’t feel bloated but I felt something was not right. Even metabolically I was very good to loose weight, but then I would put it on again, I couldn’t get rid of a few kilograms and keep my weight down as I wanted.

I remembered Joshua the IIN, (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) founder’s words, he always said” You  can eat 100 broccoli but if you don’t satisfy your ‘primary foods’ you will never feel great.”

What are those primary foods? Good relationships, a fulfilled career, doing exercise, meditating , showing gratitude and being spiritual are the key factors to feel amazing. Of course if you are having a good diet on top of it,  your face will be starting to glow no matter what age you are and everything will be shifted positively in your life.

Show a positive attitude today and start your day with gratitude and share your meal with your loved ones. Happy Sunday!


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