Carob chocolate bar


Hi everyone

Do you love chocolates? I do, especially the ones with nuts! In the past I didn’t like dark chocolates and my favorite was the nice milky ‘Milka’ chocolate brand. My auntie was one of the early immigrants to Germany and when she was visiting us in Turkey in the summer, she was bringing my favourite Milka chocolates for me; and I was saving them and eating them very slowly! This was my earliest childhood chocolate cravings.
Five years ago, when I started my ‘refined sugar free diet’ I found that dark chocolate is much more common but I didn’t want to try it for a while but eventually I decided to start from somewhere. It was not sweet enough and so I couldn’t eat much. Also after eating, my stomach didn’t feel right and it made me very alert. Dark chocolate was supposed to be good for you why I was feeling like that? I thought may be the caffeine inside of dark chocolate was effecting me in bad way or maybe it was the coconut sugar in the chocolate.
I started to search through some chocolate recipes and didn’t want to use cacao and other sugars like coconut sugar and found carob powder as an alternative. I found a recipe in the ‘Hemsley & Hemsley’ cook book and adapted it a bit and the result was great. I would like to share it with you here.



100 gr organic coconut butter

40 gr organic carob powder

1 tbsp maple syrup

3 drops of orange essential oil or zest of one orange

5 dehydrated prunes (chopped into small pieces) or one handful fresh raspberry

one handful of hazelnut or almond (chopped into small pieces)

Melt the organic coconut butter in the glass bowl as Benmari. Add the rest of ingredients into coconut butter and mix together. Put a piece of baking paper into a rectangular mold and pour this mixture into this mold. Refrigerate  3-4 hours in the fridge and take it out when you would like to eat. Chop into small pieces and enjoy with nice cup of herbal tea.
















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