Why we also need alternative medicine?




Happy new year to everyone!

I wish you a great year in which you can take your health, happiness and relationships in your hand.

Does it sound not realistic? I was thinking like that 3 years ago, after I have been diagnosed with IBS, GERD all kind of digestive issues. I have visited 3 gastroenterologists, had endoscopy and they couldn’t find anything (which was good of course) but my symptoms were there and the medicine was not helping me. I was losing my hope…

And then I have found a nutritionist. It was an eye- opening experience for me. I realised there is a deeper issue. The conventional medicine was treating the symptoms but not underlying causes for problems. It was fixing the disease temporarily.   

After some comprehensive tests, I have been told that I have sensitivities for gluten and had yeast. I started to do gluten free and reduced sugar diet. It was very difficult for me as I loved my bread and deserts. I had migraines and not had much energy in the beginning but after one month I felt better. My IBS symptoms were reduced and felt more energetic. This was beginning of my nutritional and holistic journey. I started to do more search about digestion and health connection and read the books, attend seminars.

I have decided to study integrative nutrition and found an online course in IIN. It was a great online course which was helped me to understand there is more beyond nutrition. In this course, I met lots of functional medicine doctors, nutritionists who are very good at their subjects. I was not helping myself only, started to help my colleagues about their health too. And I loved it. I loved to see just telling them reduce sugar and gluten, eat more fruit and vegetables were helping to lose weight and their health was improving. At that time I was working as an engineer in a consultant. I realised my passion about nutrition, helping people..

I wanted to study deeper and answer the most of questions regarding health, weight problems. I enrolled college of Naturopathic medicine to become Naturopath. My journey is still carrying on adding new knowledge into my library every day, not just the things I am learning at the school but also reading, searching are helping me to understand the root causes.

Most of health issues are related to digestion. If you have gut related problems you are more prone to get another diseases. Of course your genes, environmental factors are also contributing how healthy you are.

I believe in that if you listen to your body you will never fail and you will be in the right path in your health journey.

I am here to help you finding your way and feel healthier and happier, living your life as you want. I will write here more about other health issues, giving you healthy recipes and sharing my knowledge. Please join me in my mission and hope to see you here.

















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