Gluten free bread

Recently I am experimenting to make a good gluten free bread rather than buying it from supermarket as I have a gluten sensitivity and been doing GF diet for 3 years. I got used Doves farm white gluten free flour and their recipe to make a bread, the result was not bad. I decided to search more  about GF bread recipe to get same similar texture or close as normal bread but the result still is not satisfying.

Most of Gluten free flours are containing rice, maize, tapioca, potato, sorghum and Xanthan gum. These flours are called gluten free in the market but it is misleading because they still contain a type of gluten but in different names and ratio. Therefore you may react to gluten which is found in Wheat ,Rye, Barley strongly but not the gluten in rice, maize or sorghum. Or  at long term, these GF flours might cause an inflammation in your body but you don’t notice.

I am reading two books regarding Gluten related diseases like Celiac Disease and Autoimmune disorders. One book is from Dr.Osborne  “No grain No Pain” and other is Tom O’Brian’s ” Autoimmune fix “. According to these doctors if you have celiac disease you must not eat any grain at all; for gluten sensitivity or intolerance , you must not eat any grain for a while to heal your gut. I will write more about Autoimmune diseases in my blog in the future so please bear with me.

If you still want to eat GF grains and especially you love your bread, there are some options. Instead of making your own GF flour mixture, I discovered that M&S is selling GF flour for bread making and bought it. You just mix 2 egg whites into warm water with olive oil and whisk the wet ingredients.I put this liquid into bread machine pan first and add the flour mixture and chose GF and dark crust option from menu and leave it to bake. The texture is good and spongy not crumbly. You can keep it in air tight container in 2 days still fresh.

But as I said in the beginning, I am still experimenting to make a good GF bread and hopefully I will share my results with you soon.

Be Happy and Healthy!


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